Qua possiamo mettere un testo introduttivo e mettere dei contenuti in evidenza che potranno essere le ultime attività, come un progetto, un nuovo dealer, un traguardo o una prossima partecipazione aziendale ad una fiera di settore, altro


Industria meccanica trivelle

IMT has been a leading company in the drilling and boring field for more than 40 years.
IMT was founded in 1974 by Mr. Giulio Accorroni. Since then, the Company has concentrated on the acquisition of specific know-how for the planning and construction of hydraulic drill rigs, in constant search of high-quality products and customer satisfaction.

A staff of mechanical engineers and specialized technicians make up the core of the IMT Research and Development team. It is a high-level professional team, using the most advanced technological systems in the study of every single part of the drill rig and in all structural inspections. The use of specific programs guarantees the optimization and safety of the product and an absolutely precise assembling and production standard.
IMT, like very few other companies in the field, has a global commercial and technical assistance network, available in over 30 countries in the world: wherever their jobsite is, IMT customers can count on a very efficient post-Sales assistance service, available 24-h a day.
The technological development of IMT S.r.l. has led it to become the leader in the sector almost since the very beginning of the company, first in Italy and then in the rest of the world.

We always work with great passion and dedication to make our clients proud to have chosen the best performing and most unique machine in the world

Giulio Accorroni - Founder


Quality, Power,
Efficiency and

All IMT products are manufactured with the best materials and parts.
This guarantees a high reliability and ensures that spare parts can be easily found all over the world, also thanks to the usage of high reliable brand components.

in the World

IMT's staff built supremacy of credibility, excellent quality, service "IMT" brand, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of mechanical manufacturing industry for the whole world. For this you can find a global marketing and post-sales assistance network in over 30 countries in the world.